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Limited Edition Vallely Public Domain Holiday 2017 Board.

9.875 x 30 1/8
Wheelbase: 15
Nose: 4 3/8
Tail: 6 5/8

Limited Edition of 200 Boards, Hand Signed and Numbered By Mike Vallely.

Top Graphic:
Green Top Veneer w/ Never Comply Holiday 2017 Top Graphic.

About The Graphic:
The bottom graphic is a Holiday Colors Edition image of the actual Board, used and abused, that Mike skated in the Public Domain Video in 1988 w/ a Street Plant sticker added above his name. The shape of the Board is the actual shape that Mike rode in 1988, recently roller traced and dialed in by Professor Schmitt to match the original shape and dimensions of the 1988 model. The mold has been updated to be more modern and rideable. Note: The image you see on the bottom of the deck is the actual graphic. This board is NOT used, it is just meant to look that way.

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