Battalion Fest 2018


The Street Scoundrels Houston Battalion Crüe are Firing Up The Stoke Machine in Stoke Town (Houston, TX) for another Get Together that Embodies the Spirit of our Skate, Create and Enjoy Community: Street Plant Battalion Fest 2018!

Everything kicks off on Friday April 6th, for an Evening of Introductions and Live Music at Houston’s Legendary Rockefeller’s!!! Scheduled Performances include sets from Trukstop Assassins, D. Kosmo, Mike Vallely & The Texas New Arms, Khobretti, Baron Von Bomblast and McRad!!!!

Click Here for Tickets for April 6 at Rockefeller’s.

Saturday April 7th, we’ll reconvene at the 4202 T Shirt and Art Gallery for a day of Artist Exhibits, Vendors, Live Screen Printing and Skating the Burgside DIY throughout the day. Featured Artists include: Yusuke Tsuge, Greg Turra, Bigfoot, Max Mueller, Rob Wallace , Crab Scrambly, Mike Vallely, Ishi, Mike Aches, Greg Higgins, Mark Ferris, Alex Manahan, Sean Randlett, Matt Brooks, Mark Hill, Bernie O’Dowd and Steve Caballero.

Street Plant Pro Team Riders Kristian Svitak, Joey Jett and Mike Vallely will also be in attendance for the entire weekend and Every Event is ALL AGES! 
Come As You Are!

Poster Art By: Bigfoot


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