Street Plant Team Riders

Mike Vallely

Kristian Svitak

Joey Jett

Home Team

Ann Vallely

Emily Vallely

Lucy Vallely

Rizzo + JoJo

Art & Design

Rob Wallace

Greg Higgins


Crab Scrambly

Yusuke Tsuge

Mark Ferris

Maximilian Mueller

Mike Aches

Stella Serafin


Research & Development

Paul Schmitt

Daniel Creadon
Factory 13


Bruce Lee

Jerry Garcia

Stoke Commanders

Street Plant Battalion Stoke Commanders Represent Everything that we Value about Skateboarding: Connection, Positivity, Fun, Creativity, and Passion.

Facebook Group Commander
Alex Hellings

Facebook Group Administrator
Brad Kelly

Battalion Fest Commander
Josh Yelley

Curb Captain
Anthony Shearer

Signature Series Rider
Kayne Hayes

Join The Battalion

The Street Plant Battalion is a Kind, Inclusive, Open-Hearted Community who Love Skateboarding and see it as a Fun, Creative Pursuit, filled with Purpose—a means to a Greater Good! No rules, no divisions, no schools. The Skateboard is the Paintbrush and the World an Empty Canvas. With Open Arms and Open Hearts, Onward We Ride!
Skate, Create, Enjoy! 
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