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    Growing up skateboarding in New Jersey, he later fled to California to be closer to big trees. Disassociated from art school and human society, he started writing “Bigfoot” in 1994 in the streets of San Francisco with relentless fury. Working often with house paint and wooden panels, his work depicts the conflict between respect for nature and the destructive agenda of humans.
  • We are NOT content to just pick our Board Shapes from a catalog. Each and Every Board we make has to have a Spark of Inspiration, a Story, a Reason for Existing. We are NOT interested in the mass-identity of Skateboarding, nor in the supply and demand culture of the mass-marketing of Skateboards. To us, Skateboards aren’t some soulless product you buy at the mall. They aren’t just some means to an end. They are an end in themselves. They are Alive and have Spirit. We work closely with Professor Schmitt on Every Board we Shape for the perfect blend of Flavor and Function for Fun! Even our “Old School” Shapes have been built on Modern Molds with Modern Concave for the best possible Skating Experience Today! It’s important to us to make sure that Every Board we make comes from Someplace Special, because we know they are all going to Someplace Special.

    Thanks For Your Support!

    Mike Vallely

  • Street Plant Japan Tour 2016
    w/ Kristian Svitak, Bigfoot and Mike Vallely.

    Filmed By: Mark Nisbet.
    Edited By: Ted Newsome.


    Quailbones “A Tip To Trick The Tide”

    M Ross Perkins “Annie Waits in a Dream” (Instrumental)

    The Light Wires “The Bees Are Dozing”

    Music Provided By:

    SofaBurn Records

Date Of Birth: Pisces 1974

Hometown: High school in Westfield, NJ

Current City: Human persona trapped in Oakland

Skating Since: I got my first board in 6th grade, so it was either the fall of 85' or the spring of 86'