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Josh Yelley

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Beantooth Skate Shop & Gallery

Date Of Birth: August 13, 1977
Hometown: Parts Unknown
Current City: Houston, Tx

I'm a product of my environment. Grew up where my street and my friends became my family. Art and music shaped who I am. Through these mediums I found the voice I now have. And I will tirelessly continue to promote and share these things with all. Skating to me was never about tricks... still isn't. I rode my "hand me down" daily. Everywhere I went, my board did. Skater by default. Pushing for miles jamming to my Sony Walkman. Shaped and molded through asphalt and sweaty Houston summers. I'd never trade this. The battalion... I can honestly say is family... I check in daily with my brothers and sisters from all corners. I can only keep pushing forward and encourage my battalion to do the same. Look after and ~love~ each other. Stoke the embers... watch the embers spark into flamed vines that stretch and touch all those that need a kind heart and unconditional love in their life. Much love to all that found their way here. Welcome!! Lets Go!!!!!!