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    Maximilian Mueller is noted for his use of cartoonish figures and imagery that depict subjects such as society, politics and culture; Mueller expresses these ideas through motifs of nature and technology. Influenced by skateboarding and cartoons, Mueller has cross disciplinary interests that infuse his work with a dynamic mix of skill sets, ranging from painting to murals, illustration to graphic design, sculpture to toy design.
  • Open Hearted Texas Tour (2017)
    w/ Kristian Svitak, Joey Jett and Mike Vallely.

    We came from Florida, Brooklyn, Portland, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Long Beach and Japan to meet in Houston, TX — Open Arms and Open Hearts. Our Common Ground: Art, Music and Skateboarding. From there, well, Anything Is Possible!

    No corporate initiative or marketing strategy, just Friends Coming Together to Express their Love for the Peaceful Arts: In-Tune-Ment. What started as a Dream has become a Community: The Street Plant Battalion.

    Once Houston was pinned on the map, we reached out to Friends in Austin, Dallas and Wichita Falls, TX as well, with a simple idea: Skate, Create, Relate and Enjoy! And this became the Open Hearted Texas Tour 2017.

    Much Love and Thanks to the Street Scoundrels Houston Chapter, Josh Yelley, Tommy Luna, Dan Panic, Apparition Skateboards, 4DWN, Deviance Skate Supply and EVERYONE we met and spent time with on our tour. Thank You for Your Love, Support and Friendship!

    Filmed & Edited By: Rob Wallace.


    R.RING “Cutter”
    Ignite The Rest

    Music Provided By:

    SofaBurn Records

  • No One Taught Me How To Skate

    No one taught me how to skate.
    I figured it out myself, for myself.

    There were no short-cuts, no trick-tips,
    no camps, no schools, no leagues,
    no parks and no standard.

    Just me and my board.

    And before I had my own board
    I begged, I borrowed and stole.
    I did whatever I had to do to ride.

    I was driven by necessity.

    There was no end in view.
    No career path.
    Just the moment, and the concrete
    unfolding in front of me.

    There was a quality and a feeling
    of action in every movement.
    Emotional content.
    Each moment a meditation.

    I didn’t skate to turn pro.
    I turned pro because I skated to skate.

  • The Ramp In The Woods

    We heard about a ramp in the woods
    By the Brunswick Square Mall

    Under the guise of being normal teenagers
    seeking social rituals at the mall
    Kevin’s mother dropped us off
    She said she’d pick us up in a few hours

    We were not seeking social rituals
    We were seeking a ramp in the woods

    We walked in one door of the mall and out another
    Across the highway and into the trees

    Through the bramble, where there was no path
    We cut our way using our boards as machetes 

    A hazy dusk descended upon us
    Seeping down through the autumn trees

    We were lost and about to give up
    When we heard it, faint in the distance
    The now unmistakable sound of urethane on plywood 

    We started running in the direction of the sound
    Into a clearing
    And there it stood
    Shining in the imminent darkness
    Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
    The ramp in the woods

    One lone skater stood on the small deck of the ramp
    He hadn’t been expecting us
    But he was glad we’d found him
    Grateful that there were seekers

    With reckless abandon
    We took our first ever rides on a ramp
    Beaming light and warmth
    into the cool darkness surrounding us
    We could see our breath
    And steam rose off of us
    And it seemed right

    The riddle of the ramp we had no ability to solve
    We were just glad to be lost in the enjoyment of the question

    Back through the black trees
    Across the highway
    To the false glow of the shopping mall
    We returned
    Initiated and forever changed
    By what seemed like a dream

    The ramp in the woods

  • Subliminal

    Out of the wilderness
    And into the future
    Closing the gap
    Potential becomes Actual
    The wolves will circle
    Many of them will be disguised as sheep

    The door opens
    And the ride begins
    Off, into a world of fire you go
    And they will always be there
    With their interpretations
    But you will have to work your life out
    for yourself

    Absorb the good, reject the bad
    Maintain your independence

    Adversity will be waiting for you
    And it will pounce
    You will fail, you will fall, you will break
    The door will close
    But even after the most violent rainstorm
    All plants grow

    Art: Mueller Studios

  • The Golden Autumn of 1984.

    The first Black Flag song I ever heard was
    Rise Above.

    It was September 1984.

    Don Bruno and Keith Hartel made me a mix-tape
    that would change my life.

    Rise Above was track number 1.

    Jealous cowards try to control

    Try to stop what we do
    ’cause they can’t do it themselves

    In Keith’s basement my hair was sheered off.

    I went home and bleached my jeans.
    My parents and siblings cringed.

    The next day at school I went from
    blending into the gray walls to being
    a threat — A target.

    I quit the wrestling team and
    started skateboarding.

    My life got tougher and I liked it.

    Laugh at us behind our backs
    I find satisfaction in what they lack

    On October 19, 1984
    I skipped school and piled-in
    with the other punks —
    Into Mitch Gurowitz’s car.

    We rode out of Edison —
    Flipping the school off as we
    passed by — Bound for Trenton.

    City Gardens.

    Punks from all over the state
    and region were camped out
    in the parking lot, outside of
    their cars, waiting for dusk —
    For the doors to open.

    Waiting for Black Flag.

    Some punks were skating
    around the back of the venue.
    We went over to investigate.

    Keith says — You should see
    this kid on a skateboard.

    Some punker pushes his board
    towards me.

    I step on it and start thrashing.

    A crowd gathers.
    My first demo.

    I knock over a tar bucket and do
    a boneless over it.
    Jaws drop.

    I push at it again.
    This time for a 180º.

    I feel the eyes of the gathered crowd
    move from me to something behind me.
    I land the boneless facing where
    I had just come from.

    Henry Rollins is walking down the street
    carrying grocery bags.

    He makes eye contact with me.

    Yeah man!

    The crowd parts as Henry wades through.

    No one can believe it.
    Henry acknowledged me.
    Acknowledged my skating.
    The parking lot is abuzz.

    The sun goes down and the doors open.
    Punks pour into City Gardens
    and the room is charged.

    Black Flag hits us like a clenched fist.
    Like a runaway freight train.

    Greg Ginn, Bill Stevenson, Kira Rossler
    and Henry Rollins.

    It doesn’t get heavier.

    Something explodes in my brain…
    An awakening.

    Whatever I do in my life, for the rest of my life,
    must be done with this kind of intensity.

    We are born with a chance
    And I am gonna’ have my chance

    The stage clears, the hall empties.
    The floor is littered as if a tornado
    had just come through.

    I walk towards the merch stand.
    I buy a Slip It In T-shirt (that will get
    me thrown out of school a few days later)
    and a Henry Rollins chapbook entitled 20.

    Henry’s book affects me.
    I’d been secretly writing poetry for years.
    It would be secret no more.

    I get it.

    Living is expression.

    MY Skating
    MY Music
    MY Writing
    MY Life

    I buy the My War LP at Vintage Vinyl
    in Fords, NJ. I listen to it in my room
    endlessly. The most significant record
    I’ve ever purchased.

    Black Flag
    My War
    The Golden Autumn of 1984.

    I can still feel it.

    Rise Above
    I’m gonna’
    Rise Above

  • Turn Them Off

    Something from within
    A flower pushing up through the asphalt
    Supple and tender
    But then
    The phone starts ringing
    Hey Kid,
    There is pie is in the sky — Don’t you know?
    The trivialization of everything
    Plucked and put on
    Locked up in a box
    Pressed between the advertisements
    A microphone thrust in your face
    Velvet ropes and VIP Passes
    Dead at the root
    You can’t just change the channel
    You have to turn Them off
    Kill the life support
    And breathe your own free breaths
    You don’t need their permission

    Art: Mueller Studios

  • The First Push

    The first push
    The asphalt passing underneath
    The infancy of my education
    Absorbing all with no attachment
    Like the first born man
    Conforming to nobody
    The meeting of the heavens and concrete
    I linger long in this moment
    And I will return to loiter here
    for the rest of my days
    The anti-depressant

    Art: Mueller Studios

  • "Finding the Light"

    I have battled depression my entire life
    Skateboarding was the first thing that truly made me happy
    Just being on my board, it was everything to me
    My Bliss
    But the world it seemed didn’t want me to be happy
    The world wanted me to answer to convention
    To most of my peers, teachers and family members
    skateboarding was an epic waste of time
    Why pursue something that had no end game?
    The necessity of a social justification for everything
    that I did was constantly thrown in my face
    My smile wasn’t enough
    My satisfied soul had no value
    And when I rejected the systems impersonal claims upon me
    I got my ass kicked over and over
    Who was I to hold onto my own ideals?
    At every turn there was someone trying to
    frighten me off from My Bliss
    To beat it out of me
    Wanting me to concede to misery, mediocrity and the mundane
    To accept doom and depression into my heart and soul
    As a superior authority
    I refused
    I had to
    It was life or death

    Art: Mueller Studios

  • Into The Wilderness

    Hawk versus Hosoi
    It was all just a bunch of noise
    I couldn’t really relate
    I just wanted to skate

    Flipping through Thrasher Magazine
    That became their only screen
    I couldn’t really relate
    I just wanted to skate

    I went off into the wilderness
    All alone to follow my bliss
    It was the greatest sensation I’d ever feel
    Not of trust or faith but to know what’s real

    The superficial was held up on a pedestal
    But it was some place deeper that my eyes dwelled
    I didn’t care about the NSA
    I just wanted to go outside and play

    Pushed up against a measuring stick
    I skated on in spite of it
    There was no team, it was not a sport
    Give me the streets, you can keep your court

    I went off into the wilderness
    To define my own idea of success
    It was the greatest sensation I’d ever feel
    Not of trust or faith but to know what’s real

    Art: Mueller Studios

Maximilian Mueller
Date Of Birth: May 1993

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Current City: Brooklyn, NY

Skating Since: 2000