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    I was born in Nagoya-city Japan.
    I was a Baseball Player till I was 22 years old.
    But then I dropped out from the society.
    I bought a skateboard to find myself.
    Since the moment that I bought a skateboard, I was reborn as a Skater and a Creator.
    Then I saw “Drive” and I was reborn again.
    I found the fun in skateboarding.
    Then I saw Mike Vallely at Shin-Yokahama Skatepark in 2015 and I was reborn again.
    Now I skate , create, enjoy !
    Just for Fun!!
    I will skate, create, enjoy till death.
  • Open Hearted Texas Tour (2017)
    w/ Kristian Svitak, Joey Jett and Mike Vallely.

    We came from Florida, Brooklyn, Portland, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Long Beach and Japan to meet in Houston, TX — Open Arms and Open Hearts. Our Common Ground: Art, Music and Skateboarding. From there, well, Anything Is Possible!

    No corporate initiative or marketing strategy, just Friends Coming Together to Express their Love for the Peaceful Arts: In-Tune-Ment. What started as a Dream has become a Community: The Street Plant Battalion.

    Once Houston was pinned on the map, we reached out to Friends in Austin, Dallas and Wichita Falls, TX as well, with a simple idea: Skate, Create, Relate and Enjoy! And this became the Open Hearted Texas Tour 2017.

    Much Love and Thanks to the Street Scoundrels Houston Chapter, Josh Yelley, Tommy Luna, Dan Panic, Apparition Skateboards, 4DWN, Deviance Skate Supply and EVERYONE we met and spent time with on our tour. Thank You for Your Love, Support and Friendship!

    Filmed & Edited By: Rob Wallace.


    R.RING “Cutter”
    Ignite The Rest

    Music Provided By:

    SofaBurn Records

  • Skate. Create. Enjoy!

    At Street Plant we Value the Art Of Skateboarding, and so we put the Artist First. We could never make logo boards, blanks or “team boards” because we believe that a Skateboard Deck is a Canvas for the Artist and that it should be adorned with Artistic Expression and Infused with Purposeful Energy. Where so much of the Art in Skateboarding has been suburbanized through the corporate filters, we are seeking a Deeper Connection with the Artists that we work with, to design Skateboard Graphics that Inspire Creativity and that Elevate the Senses.

    In that Spirit, every now and then, we host a Garageland Art Jam, to let the Artists we work with cut loose on some Hand Drawn designs. Yusuke Tsuge came into our lives in the most organic way, as a Friend first, and this in turn Inspired a working relationship. So, hosting Yusuke here in Garageland for a Jam Session was very Meaningful to us.

    Yusuke worked on 4 Boards (3 of them are featured in this video) and these three are all available for purchase now. For more information or to purchase one of these Boards please email: (SOLD OUT)!


    Thanks for your support!

    Video: Rob Wallace.

    Music: Losing Things To Find Them Later
    By Ampline.

    Music Provided By:
    SofaBurn Records

Yusuke Tsuge
Date Of Birth: January 3rd 1977

Hometown: Nagoya-city Aichi Japan

Current City: Hayama-town Kanagawa Japan

Skating Since: 2000