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Animal Man: Explained

“Inspired by (really ripped-off) from the cover of an Animal Man comic book, the Animal Man graphic from World Industries would be my last board with the company before I would sell my ownership in the company to Steve Rocco and leave to skate for New Deal.

The board deals with my strong animal rights / vegetarian viewpoint at the time and really, it’s the summation of a time in life that starts with my Powell Elephant graphic, and messaging wise is the more serious version of my World Barnyard board. This would be my last purposefully animal rights themed board.

The graphic was illustrated by Marc Mckee. I really didn’t let him take too many liberties with this one and by that point neither Rocco nor Mark nor anyone really wanted to argue with or deal with me on any level. So, it was “rip-off the comic book cover like Mike says” and get on with it.

This board came in a traditional screen printed wood bottom as well as the World Industries Slick-O-Rama plastic bottom.”

— Mike V

The actual Animal Man comic book cover:

Animal Man Comic

Outtake polaroid photos from a photo shoot in the World Industries parking lot to get the silhouette image of me that would go on the board: