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Barnyard: Explained



“When I was seventeen I became a vegetarian. It was my reaction to the what I determined to be an uncaring and cruel world. My general distrust of people and their agendas at that time lead me to identify and feel sympathy with animals. Early on, I was very outspoken about it — And being a vegetarian at that time, further set me apart from the conventional ideals of everyone around me — Thus the Barnyard board was born.

It was an un-conventional shape with a vegetarian message — Put out by a small skater owned company for a rider (who though immensely popular at the time) was burning bridges in the industry left and right and looked to be on his way out of skateboarding — Really, it should have been a flop. But it wasn’t… Not even close.

They say this board changed skateboarding forever. I’m not sure about that, but it definitely was a triple threat of shape, graphic and the popularity at the time that I was experiencing. This was the best selling board I ever had — Shaped by Rodney Mullen, graphic concept by Steve Rocco, art by Mark McKee and skated by yours truly. How this board would change board shapes, propagate the vegetarian message and make me more popular than I had ever been is still mind-boggling.”

— Mike V

Read: The Barnyard by Kyle Duvall.