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Vallely Elephant: Explained



“I wanted an Elephant on what would be my first pro-model board and Powell Peralta tried to give me a cockroach.

I fought for the Elephant, for my own artistic vision for MY BOARD. And really, what I was fighting for was my career. Would it be meaningful or disposable? I was only 17 years old, but I would not back down — Not to Stacy Peralta, George Powell or anyone. Every fiber in me told me that I had to have the Elephant, so I fought for it. And in doing so, I basically ended up fighting my way right off of Powell Peralta.

VCJ really nailed that graphic though. No doubt, all of the VCJ / Powell Peralta boards are true classics, but I’m partial to the Elephant. And knowing what I had to go through to get it, and everything that’s happened since then — It means so much more.”

— Mike V