Bones Brigade Stockholm Demo (1988)

July 5, 1988
Bones Brigade: Stockholm Demo.

Featuring: Mike Vallely, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and Tommy Guerrero.

Stor Och Liten
Stockholm, Sweden

Sergels Square
Stockholm, Sweden

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8 thoughts on “Bones Brigade Stockholm Demo (1988)

  1. Avatar
    Sven Hedqvist says:

    So cool seeing the Bones Brigade at a place where I have been so many times myself, and doing crazy stuff on a crazy jump ramp!
    A cool thing also are the tricks on the blue box, as any Swede will know exactly how big it is. It is a very common box seen all over Sweden containing sand or gravel that you can use at will if the road or sidewalk becomes too icy in the winter.

  2. Avatar
    Johan says:

    Oh man. Archeology pays off. Thanks John!!! Thanks for sharing this Mike, it’s pretty safe to say you inspired a whole generation of swedish skaters that day onwards!

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