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Kristian Svitak, Mike Vallely, Joey Jett. Oceanside, CA. By: Rob Wallace.

Kristian Svitak, Mike Vallely, Joey Jett. Oceanside, CA. By: Rob Wallace.

At its best, Skateboarding is unorganized, unsanctioned Play.
But the skate-media and the skate-industry place image and competition above Fun.
In the name of “skate-culture” they present a monologue of short sighted corporate initiative.
A “lifestyle” that comes with an entrance examination.
You have to pass the test to enter their small, gray ghetto where they worship technique, reward conformity and create distinctions.
The megaphone has been hijacked by those who seek to own and devour.
It’s the decay of anything substantive in Skateboarding.
It’s the dumbing down of Skateboarding.
We believe there is a Better Way!

We seek to Create and Inspire!
We value Skateboarding as an Uplifting and Meaningful pursuit that ALWAYS pushes FORWARD, beyond and outside of the institutions and organizations that have accumulated around it.

We believe that Skateboarding is an Uprising, an Insurrection Against the judges,
the rule books and impersonal corporations.
A True Revolution in Action.
Not this sorry version of defiance that the skate-media continues to shill.
What may have been natural and warranted some 20, 30 or 40 years ago, is now just a tiresome pose. The core of “skate-culture” is stagnant, it’s the past.
We want to participate in the Never-Ending-Now!

We have a Passion for Skateboarding.
We believe in Creative, Expressive, Fun Skateboarding.
To us, Skateboards aren’t some soulless product you buy at the mall.
They aren’t some means to an end.
They are an end in themselves.
We are Product Driven, we are People Driven, we are Values Driven!

Come as you are!
No rules, no divisions, no schools.
Just a Skateboard as a paintbrush
and the world as an empty canvas!

With Open Arms and Open Hearts, we’ve come to Play!
Onward, Together, We Ride!