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Arigato. Photo: Rob Wallace.


For years and years I had this reoccurring day dream.
That one day I would truly own my very own Skateboard Company, and that I would run it out of my Garage.
That I would somehow remove myself from the parasitic world of brands, sponsors and promoters and the oppressive commercial culture that they cling to.
That I would find the hole in the fence, and leave the small gray ghetto of the industry, filled with the endless broadcasting of self congratulatory noise, and step out into a Wider Reality where there is no sweating scramble for profit and domination, and no need for distinction.
I dreamt that I would one day Create My Own Destiny, By Myself, For Myself, and that I would cut a path that was clear, away from the misdirection and evasions of corporate initiatives.

I dreamt of a Skateboard Company that had a Positive Purpose.
I dreamt of a Skateboard Company that Connected People.
I dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was a Sincere Dialogue.
I dreamt of a Skateboard Company that was Open Hearted.
I dreamt of a Small Flower pushing up through a crack in the concrete.
I dreamt of Street Plant.

Thank You and Much Love to the Street Plant Battalion for helping make this dream come true.

Mike Vallely