Hand Built Completes w/ Custom Griptape By Mike Vallely

Now Available from Street Plant: Hand Built Completes w/ Custom Griptape By Mike Vallely.

You Choose the Board, Wheels, Trucks, and accessories and Mike Builds It!

Every Hand Built Complete will be Finished with a One-Of-A-Kind, Custom Griptape Job By Mike Vallely using assorted Griptape that is Hand Cut, Designed, Applied and Signed By Mike using his Signature Lighting Bolt.

6 thoughts on “Hand Built Completes w/ Custom Griptape By Mike Vallely

  1. Ian patterson says:

    I’m a huge fan of mike vallely since I was a kid. I’m deaf and in the wheelchair from a bike accident. I would love to have one of his signature board with his custom grip tape so I could hang it up on the wall.. How much? Thank you!

    • Mike Vallely
      Mike Vallely says:

      Hello Ian. The Custom Gripped Boards are the price of the Board plus $30.00 and shipping. You will be quoted a price with shipping before having to check out / pay on our store. I’d be Happy to sign the Board for You of course. Much Love!

  2. Chris says:

    Hey mike😁🤘 this is RAD 👊👊💣💥 I respect you a great deal brother. You are my #1 skater of all time✊🏼💯💯💯💯 I’m 43 still skate’n! I’m definitely getting a complete done by you!!

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