Hot Shoe (1986)

Filmed in the summer of 1986 at the Brooklyn Banks basketball courts in New York City, “Hot Shoe” was a segment in the obscure Action East video: Along The Eastern Edge. — I had just returned to the East Coast from California where I’d won the NSA National Amateur Streetstyle Championships earlier that summer and this day in New York saw me meeting some of the East Coast’s finest skaters for the first time — Ian Frahm, Joe Humeres, Jeremy Henderson and JT Murphy. They probably wanted to see what this kid from Jersey was all about — I just wanted to skate.

For this segment I was asked to just skate around the courts and do my thing. There was only one camera man there who’s day job was shooting news segments for CBS and who had never filmed skating before. Regardless, I took to the dirty pavement and walls without hesitation, I was completely at ease in my environment. My friends Mike Daher and Rodney Smith also made it into the segment — These were guys I skated with on a daily basis and who I traveled into the city with that day.

Most people usually refer to my segment in Powell Peralta’s Public Domain as my first “video part” but really it was “Hot Shoe.” The Action East phase of my early skate career was short lived but it was a fun and exciting time in my skating and where us East Coaster’s sought to establish our own brand of street skating.

— Mike V

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    Toby Lunn says:

    Man,I truly thank you Mike V! When I was a young kid, had a brain tumour and my balance was all messed up.But for some reason around age 12, me and a couples friends got into skateboarding in the Bahamas.(with no skate scene whatsoever ever)
    Somehow we were able to get the VHS videos and quickly I liked how you thrashed around.I liked your style of skating the best.Public Domain.Rubbish heap.etc.
    Anyway 30 years later I am doing my Art(painter) out of my Garage.
    You are still inspiring.
    Thanks for the dedication, the heart and the love.

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