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Houston Street Scoundrel Member Alex Manahan w/ Griptape Art By Mike Aches.

This coming Sunday, September 17th, the Street Scoundrels Houston Chapter will be Hosting a Hurricane Harvey Donation/Relief Drive in conjunction with their Monthly Sunday Social. The event will be happening from 6 – 9 PM at the Lee and Joe Jamail Downtown SkatePark.

The Drive is aimed to help, specifically, someone within our Street Plant Battalion Houston Scoundrel Community or someone who Matters Much to someone within our Houston Scoundrel Community that was deeply impacted by the storm. No Donation will be considered too small and 100% of the proceeds will go to Benefit these WishList Families.

The WishLists and all the pertinent info can be found, Contained and Explained, within the last several posts on the Street Scoundrels Houston Instagram and listed below:

These first three WishLists are for a Mom and Dad and their Young Son and Daughter trying get their lives back to normal:

1. Kitchen Table w/ Chairs
King or Queen Size Bed
Trash Bags

2. Young Man’s Clothing:
Pants — Size 6
Shoes Youth Size 12
School Uniforms in aforementioned sizes:
Blue, Red or White Collard Shirts.
Black, Navy, Blue or Beige Pants or Shirts.

3. Young Ladies Clothing:
Pants — Size 4T
Shirts — Size 4T
Shoes — Size 8
School Uniforms in Young Ladies Size using the aforementioned colors for Shirts, Panys and /or Shorts.

There is also an Amazon Wish List for a Family with 3 Amazing Pre-School age Boys:


Anyone outside of Houston who is interested in Donating either WishList’d Items OR Cash/Gift Card Contributions should DM the Street Scoundrels Houston for information on how to Get Involved and Make It Happen!!! I can practically already hear Texas saying, “Thanks, Ya’ll…!!!”.

And, regardless, if you haven’t already made plans to or don’t already have plans, then plan on hooking up with these guys at Lee and Joe Jamail next week to Skate, Create, Relate and Enjoy!!! Their monthly Hangs are Family Friendly, Open Armed, Open Hearted and Heavily Loaded with Stoke!!! No rules, No divisions, No schools… Simply Brothers and Sisters Brought Together by a Love for Skateboarding.