Jerry Garcia Wolf Skateboards

Available Now!!!!

Street Plant is Honored to Present the First Release in our Official Collaboration with Jerry Garcia: The Garcia Wolf Skateboards, Now Available for Pre-Order.

Inspired by Jerry’s Famous Wolf Guitar (Played by Jerry between 1973 – 1993), and Available in two different Shapes, The Garcia Wolf Skateboards Feature Natural Wood Grain, Gold Foil Leafing on the Cartoon Wolf’s Ears and Snout, and Cherry Red Stripes down the Bottom of each Board. The Tops of the Boards Feature Garcia’s Iconic Handprint, Signature, and our Street Plant Logo.

Popsicle / Modern Rider Shape:
8.25″ x 32.25″
Wheelbase: 14.25″
Nose: 7.125″
Tail: 6.75″

Late 70’s / Early 80’s Old School Shape:
w/ Modern Concave, Flat Nose and Wheel Wells
10″ x 30″
Wheelbase: 15″
Nose: 3.875″
Tail: 6.75″

Also Available: Garcia Gluefooted Griptape.

Garcia Alliance Series Art Direction: Bigfoot.

Mike Vallely on Jerry Garcia and the Collaboration:

My Reverence for Jerry Garcia is without end. I find Wholeness, Harmony, Freedom, and Radiance in His Music, Filling me with Optimism, Love, and Hope. Our daily soundtrack here in Garageland is Infused with Garcia’s Songs, Inspiring the Best in us, and Encouraging us to continue to Move in the Direction of our Dreams.

Working with the Garcia Family via Street Plant to Present the First-Ever Jerry Garcia Skateboards and accessories is a True Honor, and it brings my Family and I Great Joy! Where Music and Skateboarding intersect, there is my Heart, and Jerry’s Music in Playing.

Mike Vallely

13 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia Wolf Skateboards

  1. Donald Faircloth says:

    2 Kool! I’m a Garcia tie collector.and now board collecter.thank u Mr. V! I’ve been admireing your work for 25 years.and your still going hard.

  2. Chuck Hoffman says:

    So stoked for these! Punk Rock, skateboarding and the Grateful Dead have been my life 4 ever now! It makes me super happy to see that the Garcia family is working with Street Plant in these. I need to snag one of these before tour starts next month. I should pick up 10 or more if you had wholesale.

    • Mike Vallely
      Mike Vallely says:

      So Cool! Thanks Chuck! Due to the collaboration, and margins being so slim on Skateboards, we aren’t able to offer these at wholesale, sorry my Friend! Much Love!!!!

    • Mike Vallely
      Mike Vallely says:

      The Garcia Boards are slightly delayed as we are waiting for the manufacturer to confirm the color of the red stripe running down the Board. After many samples we are still waiting for this to be sorted to our satisfaction before finalizing production. I think a realistic delivery and ship time frame would now mid-June. Thanks for Your Support! — Mike V

      • Matt says:

        Beautiful and truthful words Mike! I 100% know where you are coming from! Are the decks ready? Will there be a “Tiger” deck in the works? (Although I always dug Wolf more). Keep inspiring and being inspired Mike!

        • Mike Vallely
          Mike Vallely says:

          Thanks Matt! The Boards are now scheduled to be here the last week of this month (quite a few delays). We will get them shipped as soon as they come in. Yes, Tiger is up next! Much Love!!!!

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