Joey Jett: The Process (2016)

This is a re-edit of Joey Jett’s 2016 video part.

I first met Joey Jett when he was 7 years old. I was attending a skate event at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, PA and Joey was skating in the event. The organizers asked me to be a guest judge for the event but I told them, as I’ve told all contest organizers, I don’t judge skateboarding. But I did compromise and I agreed to pick out an “MVP” of the day. Someone who I felt best captured the spirit of the skateboarding that I loved and valued. That skater was Joey Jett.

Joey stood out. Beyond his signature Rodeo Flip, there was a deeper quality to his skating, an energy that he had, that even at 7 years old, really spoke to me. Watching Joey skate was the highlight of that day for me. I remember telling him that he had something very special, and that if he kept skating, he’d really develop into a great skater. But he didn’t keep skating. He soon quit. Burnt out on the contest scene and the pressures of being a young Skateboard Phenom, Joey traded in the board for Football and Golf.

I always remembered Joey because he had mailed me an autographed picture of us together signed: To Mike V — Thanks for being my friend. Love — Joey Jett. The picture has been in a scrapbook of mine ever since. Every now and then I’d come across it and wonder whatever happened to that rad kid I met that day. Then in June of this year I received an email from Joey asking — Remember Me? Of course I did. He told me he had stopped skating for many years and that he had recently rediscovered skateboarding, and that his love and passion for it were stronger than ever, and he asked me if I’d watch a new video of his skating. I told him I was so happy to hear from him and that I’d love to see the footage.

This video represents the footage that Joey sent to me to check out, plus a few recent clips from after we spoke and he started riding Street Plant Boards. All of this footage was filmed on the East Coast in 2015 and 2016 by Joey’s friends and this edit was put together by Joey. This is a project he worked on to represent his skating today and to serve as a launching point for the style of skating that he is developing for himself. He’s not a little kid anymore, his skating has flourished into something very meaningful but he may still bust out his signature Rodeo Flip from time to time. Welcome to the Street Plant Team and Family Joey!

— Mike V

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