25 thoughts on “Let’s Go!!!!

  1. Samuel Butler says:

    So so Awesome…….Yusuke has out done himself……and I must have a thing for white boards cause man that Joey Jett is serious.

  2. SBFoote says:

    These look awesome! I really Love the Last let’s Go design! I’m gonna have to get one to ride and one to hide! ?

  3. Gary Boggio
    Gary Boggio says:

    Hard to choose because they are all amazing. Including your two dogs on the Lets’s Go board is awesome! I have to say though I’m really loving the Vallely Samurai. It needs no introduction as far as having your name on it. The blue pops big time and the elephant and skateboard on the samurai’s head piece is epic! Totally defines what your about and couldn’t have been done better. Killer job on the design!! Can’t wait to grab it!!!

  4. Brian Foote says:

    I’m all about the Let’s Go! I’ve been thinking about it fer a week now and I look at the picture at least once daily. I can’t wait to tear one up! That Blue 9 is sick too! I may have to get one of each!

  5. J.J. M says:

    I guess I’m what is labeled as an “old school” skater being 45, but the graphics on the old school boards gave those boards a soul and a feel that many “new school” graphics lack in my opinion. Well thanks to Yusuke and you Mike you guys created something special. sooooo stoked on these graphics. Can’t wait for that count down clock to run out. LET’S GO !!!!!!!

  6. Jaewook Chung says:

    This got me so excited when I first saw it. Love the attention to detail and that the dogs Rizzo and Jojo are also there. Let’s Go!

  7. Gordon Smith III
    Gordon Smith III says:

    I think I found the deck I want to get. I grew up watching Mike skate and always admired his ability to use any and everything in the world as an object to skate on or over. When I found out he played hockey (as do I recreationally) Mike shot up to the top of my favorite skaters list. Now that I am older and have a family of my own I can appreciate he family run business as well. I have come back to skateboarding after 10 years, from the era of popsicle boards or bust. I am looking tontry a little bit of everything now, but don’t want to jump straight into shapes boards. I have been perusing Street Plant decks for some time now and when I saw these had released I about had a heart attack due to excitement.

    I wish the Skate Create Enjoy was in 9”, as a graphic designer the message fits me well, but with 11.5 shoes size the 8.125” is gonna feel a tad small. Either way the Battalion board looks killer as well and I can’t wait to place my order soon! I’ll write up a proper review after I get a chance to play around. Thanks for the years of continued inspiration Mike.

    • Mike Vallely
      Mike Vallely says:

      So Cool Gordon! Thank You! Yes, The Battalion Board would be a Good Choice, this round is almost sold out. We’ll have more in a month or two. I would also recommend the Samurai (around the same dimensions). Thanks!

      • Gordon Smith III
        Gordon Smith III says:

        I ended up going with the Samurai after speaking to you on Insta, thanks! I was thinking of picking up an 8.375″ (like the farmyard), for more street skating but I may just work with the 9″ for now to see how I like it. I am going from a 7.87″ that I currently use (bought 10 years ago and just brought out of storage). I am bigger than I once was though so I am hoping 9″ will fit for all around use.

        I am super excited either way, and you have been a huge help taking the time answer my comments, and all of your fans and customers too, its pretty cool man. Hopefully we’ll cross paths one day.

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