Lost New Deal Footage Vol. 2 / Night Sessions (1991)

Lost New Deal Footage Vol. 2 / Night Sessions (1991)
Featuring Ed Templeton, Mike Vallely and Justin Regan.

In 1991, we did this every night. We ventured out into the streets of Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and Fountain Valley, CA to skate. This footage is from the rare occasions that we brought a video camera out with us. We were not video skaters. The camera was an impediment in many ways, a distraction. We weren’t doing it for any other reason than that it was who we were and it was what we did. Documenting it was unimportant to us. In fact, we failed miserably at it and that is the beauty of those times and this footage. Press play and we just see some friends out skating together, trying to document their skating but instead what comes through is their reason for skating: Fun.

— Mike Vallely

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