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The Joey Jett Dragon Signature Pro Model Board with Art By Yusuke Tsuge.

The Joey Jett Dragon Signature Pro Model from Street Plant is a Moderately Shaped Board Engineered For The Streets By Joey Jett and Professor Paul Schmitt to Perform like a popsicle stick shaped Board.

When you Skate with the Finesse, Power and Style that Joey does, Performance Matters. But just as important to Joey and to Street Plant, is the Individual Touch that Truly Personalizes a Pro Model Skateboard. So, we worked closely with Joey and The Professor to Customize Joey’s Shape with the perfect blend of Flavor and Function for Fun. We then gave Japanese Artist, The Spirited Yusuke Tsuge the nod to Create the Art for Joey’s first ever Signature Pro Model Board: The Jett Dragon.

8 1/4 x 32 5/8
Wheelbase: 14 1/4
Nose: 7 1/4
Tail: 7

Black Veneers.

Top Graphic:

There is nowhere he can’t Skate.

Artist Yusuke Tsuge:

His Energy is Strong and Endless.
Like a Waterfall that doesn’t stop.

While Skating, his eyes change, and he turns into a Dragon.
This is his True Form.

Coming from a Fountain of Power.
He soars into the sky.

This is the Jett Dragon.

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