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Date Of Birth: June 29, 1970
Hometown: Edison, NJ
Current City: Long Beach, CA
Skating Since: 1984

The hot shoe, glue footed, street scoundrel from New Jersey himself. In 3 decades as a professional skater Mike Vallely has made his name by changing the way people skate, and built his reputation on his passionate advocacy for individuality and creativity in skateboarding. You’ve all heard the stories. The realities are even gnarlier. At the bottom of it all, though, Vallely has always fought to put skateboarding and skaters first. With Street Plant, For the first time in his career, Vallely has cut all the strings that come with the title “pro skater”. No sponsors, no corporations, no limits, no boundaries. Street Plant: 100% skateboarding from 100% skateboarders.



Art Jam

One Of A Kind Hand Painted Skateboards Created By Street Plant Artists.
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