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Vallely Lance Plant: Explained

General Issue, Vallely Lance Plant Board w/ Art By Lance Mountain.

9.875 x 30 1/8
Wheelbase: 15
Nose: 4 3/8
Tail: 6 5/8

Fluorescent Green Paint.

Top Graphic:
Lance Plant Parking Block.

About The Art:

This Graphic on this shape (my Original Powell Peralta Shape from 1988) completes a circle. It was Lance who’s Skating spoke to me and who Inspired me to seek Freedom in my Skating in 1984. It was Lance who “discovered” me in Virginia Beach, VA in 1986 and introduced me to Stacy Peralta, thus starting my Skateboard Career. It was Lance who was my Mentor and my Friend as a sponsored and Pro Skater for Powell Peralta, a Touchstone for Everything I Loved about Pro Skating. And it was Lance who continually gave me Encouragement and Strength through all the years in the Wilderness trying to figure it out. No other Pro Skater has meant so much to me, or has been a part of my Life in such a Profound way. And so, when we started Street Plant, having Lance do a Graphic for me was Very Meaningful. But we couldn’t let this one just go away, it simply means too much to me. Thank You Lance!

Mike V

About Our Boards:

Street Plant Boards are Shaped and Designed exclusively for Street Plant with Professor Paul Schmitt. His hands Touch every Design and his Passion for Skateboarding is in the DNA of every Board we produce.


Once the Boards arrive in Garageland, I personally inscribe each Board with the word LOVE on the top of the Board between the back-truck bolt holes.


The word – Love – being written on all of our Boards is simply about Personalizing Every Board, Touching Every Board that passes through Garageland, and Imparting some Good Energy onto and into them. It’s an idea, a Good Thought — To send the Boards out with Love and Kindness. The Recognition that the Person who receives the Board IS a Person, not a faceless consumer, but Someone Connected to us, Someone we Greatly Value and with whom we are United in the common enterprise of Skating, Creating and Enjoying!


We Believe that what is made with, and that which passes through our Hands, is a direct extension of our Hearts. We are NOT interested in the mass-identity of Skateboarding nor in the supply and demand culture of the mass-marketing of Skateboards. To us, Skateboards aren’t some soulless product you buy at the mall. They aren’t just some means to an end. They are an end in themselves. They are alive and they have spirit.

Mike Vallely


Street Plant is a 100% independently owned and operated family business.
We exist to support, service, inspire and empower our customers – Skateboarders – The freest, most unique and creative people on the planet – By making the highest quality skateboards and skateboard accessories.

— The Vallely Family

Vallely Lance Plant
9.875 x 30 1/8:
Vallely Lance Plant w/ Art By Lance Mountain.
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