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Emily and Mike. Photo: Rob Wallace.

Street Plant is a 100% Family owned and operated business. My daughter Emily and I manage and oversee all aspects of the company. Our Fingerprint is on every design and every single product passes through our hands on its way to you.

When you support Street Plant you directly support The Vallely Family.

We are not going through any middlemen and we are not just another brand under someone else’s umbrella, helping to sustain someone else’s overhead. We are completely Independent.

Street Plant seeks to encapsulate my entire career and creative output from Skateboards to apparel to Music to publications. What was, what is and what will be.

My days as a mercenary or partnering exclusively with other companies to deliver my products or having my creative output filtered by others is over. Street Plant represents my Vision, Ideas and Passion Unfiltered.

Thank you for your continued support on this journey… The best is yet to come!

Mike Vallely