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The first time I saw Kristian Svitak Skate
I was Moved by what I saw, by what I felt
Like Rodney Mullen or Tony Hawk I realized I was
in the presence of someone who HAD to Skate
This wasn’t the mere exploitation of some fine tuned ability
This was Something Deeper

He doesn’t just do tricks
Svitak Skates
Or maybe another way to say it is:
EVERYTHING that he does on his Board is a trick
No Moment on his Board is wasted
When Kristian pushes — It has Meaning
He drops-in and kick turns with Purpose
You watch him assault the streets and every inch
of asphalt and concrete is covered with Intention
It makes you want to Skate Harder
It makes you want to put all of yourself Into your Skating
That’s what the best pros do
Inspire us

Svitak 1989

Kristian’s Love for Skating Shines Through
And you realize in watching him
that he is still the young kid that fell in Love
with Skating and that would Never Stop
And he hasn’t and he won’t
Since day one he has faced his Life and his Skating
head on with a shit eating grin
and a defiant middle-finger
Just the way it should be done
Svitak is the Real Deal

I’m truly honored to have one of my all-time favorite skaters, Kristian Svitak join me on this Journey: Street Plant!