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Vallely Heart & Fist. Photo: Rob Wallace.

Vallely Heart & Fist. Photo: Rob Wallace.

When my first Pro Model Skateboard came out in 1988, it had great significance. A lot of Heart, Blood, Guts and Soul were channeled into the making of that Board. For over a year, I fought every inch of the way, mile after mile, against great opposition to make the Vallely Elephant a reality: My Reality. I was 17 years old and I stood in unflinching defiance against my mentors, heroes of mine, to make sure that Board was EVERYTHING that I Dreamed it should be. It was like I was putting out a record, my very first record, and it had to be perfect. This wasn’t some generic product you could buy at the mall, this was My Pro Model Skateboard — It Meant Something. It had to Mean Something. That’s the whole point.

The subsequent releases were informed by the same ideals: Do The Miles, Seek The Truth and Present a piece of Art that has a Premise and Soul. Elephant On The Edge, The Barnyard, The Snake, Animal Man — There was nothing superficial about these Boards, they all came from a Deeper Well of Inspiration. My Boards were an outlet for my Whole Energy. That’s what a Pro Model Skateboard is to me: An Instrument for Fun and Creativity that has a Heartbeat, Spirit Breathed into it and a Story to Tell. That has Always been my ideal.

When we started Street Plant two years ago, we knew we were building from a legacy that deserved to be honored and respected but more so desired, by it’s very nature, to be carried Forward, to inform New Art, New Ideas and New Energies. And now, two years into this we see it unfolding: The Powerfully reworked classics by Bigfoot, the emerging Poetic Art of Yusuke Tsuge and the Soulful Touch of Greg Higgins on Graphics like the City Pusher and Heart & Fist. This is who we are and what we stand for: The Art of Skateboarding.

The Time is Now Again!

Mike Vallely