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The Ramp In The Woods

We heard about a ramp in the woods
By the Brunswick Square Mall

Under the guise of being normal teenagers
seeking social rituals at the mall
Kevin’s mother dropped us off
She said she’d pick us up in a few hours

We were not seeking social rituals
We were seeking a ramp in the woods

We walked in one door of the mall and out another
Across the highway and into the trees

Through the bramble, where there was no path
We cut our way using our boards as machetes 

A hazy dusk descended upon us
Seeping down through the autumn trees

We were lost and about to give up
When we heard it, faint in the distance
The now unmistakable sound of urethane on plywood 

We started running in the direction of the sound
Into a clearing
And there it stood
Shining in the imminent darkness
Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
The ramp in the woods

One lone skater stood on the small deck of the ramp
He hadn’t been expecting us
But he was glad we’d found him
Grateful that there were seekers

With reckless abandon
We took our first ever rides on a ramp
Beaming light and warmth
into the cool darkness surrounding us
We could see our breath
And steam rose off of us
And it seemed right

The riddle of the ramp we had no ability to solve
We were just glad to be lost in the enjoyment of the question

Back through the black trees
Across the highway
To the false glow of the shopping mall
We returned
Initiated and forever changed
By what seemed like a dream

The ramp in the woods