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Time Capsule

Our Work, Our Art, Our Lives are a daily demonstration of Our Values.
Social media, our online presence, is a microcosm of our lives and of our world.
What we project here isn’t fiction.
It is a truth that reverberates and it has far-reaching effects.
What we say here about ourselves, what we say about others,
is what we say about the world we live in.
Every day, every post is a Time Capsule.
A memo to ourselves and the Universe.
It all accumulates.
And it is either a terrible burden that we must shoulder
or a Beautiful Blessing that Elevates us.
Manners Matter.
Love and Kindness are Paramount.

Most people are decent people.
But the other ones, the few exceptions,
seem to grab all the headlines, to grab all the attention.
I refuse to look.
With my Values as my barometer
I put on my Bravest Face and I narrow my focus.
I seek the Positive, the Good.
I reject the negativity.
I don’t go trudging through the wastelands of depravity.
I till the soil at my feet and I try to plant something Meaningful every day.

You can’t fight the fire while you feed the flames.

— Mike Vallely