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Filmed in early 1986, The Noside Posse is a document of crucial times: Friends coming together for a day of skating. The fact that a video camera was there was an added attraction. We really had no motivation to film ourselves except for just to do it. There was no such thing as a “Sponsor Me Tape” just yet and none of us ever even considered such an insane possibility. Not that we didn’t dream — But we spent more time skating than dreaming.

Some five months after this video was filmed I would be sponsored by Powell Peralta. Twenty-six years later, clips from this video would find their way into the film, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography — The Noside Posse lives on. To me, there’s an unconscious strength in every frame of this video — Unyielding passion, uninhibited fun. That’s who we were. I think that’s what Stacy Peralta saw in me some five months later, and that’s what he saw in this video twenty-six years later, and that’s why he used clips of it in the film. This was skateboarding. This is skateboarding.

Filmed throughout Edison, Woodbridge, Highland Park and New Brunswick, NJ by Mike Wolff and Derek Rinaldi, this video features The Noside Posse: Kevin Hartel, Don Bruno, George Daher, Mike Daher and myself joined by Mike Spotte from Woodbridge and the Jersey Shore Crew: Derek Rinaldi, Mitch Abbott and Mike Wolff.

— Mike V