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Emily & Mike in Garageland. Photo: Rob Wallace.

Emily & Mike in Garageland. Photo: Rob Wallace.

Two years ago my daughter Emily and I set out to create a Skateboard Company unlike anything we had ever seen or experienced before:
One with a Positive Purpose, with an Optimistic Point Of View, one with a Backbone.
One that Believes in and Stands for Passionate, Creative, Expressive, Fun Skateboarding.
One that is Product Driven, People Driven, Values Driven.
One that seeks Connection, Inspiration and an ongoing Positive Dialogue.
One that, instead of just making stuff, seeks to make a Difference.

And every day here in Garageland we put our Philosophy into Action:
1. Love and Support Each Other.
2. Pursue our Work and Dreams with Purpose and Passion.
3. Do something Good with our Lives and our Time.

Street Plant is a 100% Independently owned and operated Family business.
We exist to Support, Service, Inspire and Empower our customers – Skateboarders – The Freest, most Unique and Creative people on the planet – By making the highest quality Skateboards and Skateboard accessories.

100% Independent Skateboarding for Love, for Fun.
No rules, no divisions, no schools.
Just a Skateboard as a Paintbrush and the World as an Empty Canvas.
Skate. Create. Enjoy!

Much Love and Thanks to ALL of our Friends, Family and Supporters Worldwide: The Street Plant Battalion!

Thank You for being in our Dream and for letting us be in yours.

With Open Hearts we Push Forward!

Happy New Year!

Mike Vallely